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ANSI A10 to meet in DC in January

January 6 2010
Safety and Health

Construction safety and health professionals will be meeting from 12:30 PM through the meeting’s conclusion on January 12, 2010 to discuss the latest developments within their individual work groups at the ANSI A10 Accredited Standards Committee (A10 ASC) standards in Construction and Demolition Operations.  The meeting will be held at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Washington, DC. 

If you have an interest in participating in any of the work groups, or can offer some expertise on relevant subject matter, please contact Wayne Creasap, director of safety and health, via email at wcreasap@tauc.org or via telephone at 703.524.3336 x 123.

For your convenience, a list of existing and proposed standards in the A10 series for Safety Requirements in Construction and Demolition Operations follows. 

  • A10.1  Pre-Planning for Construction Safety and Health (under development)
  • A10.2  Safety, Health, and Environmental Training (under development)
  • A10.3  Powder-Actuated Fastening Systems
  • A10.4  Personnel Hoists and Employee Elevators
  • A10.5  Material Hoists
  • A10.6  Demolition Operations
  • A10.7  Transportation, Storage, Handling, and Use of Commercial Explosives and Blasting Agents
  • A10.8  Scaffolding
  • A10.9  Concrete and Masonry Construction
  • A10.10  Temporary and Portable Space Heating Devices
  • A10.11  Personnel and Debris Nets
  • A10.12  Excavation
  • A10.13  Steel Erection
  • A10.15  Dredging
  • A10.16  Tunnels, Shafts, and Caissons
  • A10.17  Safe Operating Practices for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Construction
  • A10.18  Temporary Roof and Floor Holes, Wall Openings, Stairways, and Other Unprotected Edges
  • A10.19  Pile Installation and Extraction Operations
  • A10.20  Ceramic Tile, Terrazzo, and Marble Work
  • A10.21 Safe Construction and Demolition of Wind Generation/Turbine Facilities (under development)
  • A10.22  Rope-Guided and Non-Guided Workers’ Hoists
  • A10.24  Roofing – Safety Requirements for Low-Sloped Roofs
  • A10.25 Sanitation in Construction
  • A10.26 Emergency Procedures for Construction Sites (under development)
  • A10.27  Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities
  • A10.28  Work Platforms Suspended from Cranes or Derricks
  • A10.29 Aerial Platforms in Construction (under development)
  • A10.31  Digger-Derricks
  • A10.32  Personal Fall Protection Used in Construction and Demolition Operations
  • A10.33  Safety and Health Program Requirements for Multi-Employer Projects
  • A10.34  Public Protection
  • A10.36 Railroad Construction Safety (under development)
  • A10.37  Debris Nets
  • A10.38  Basic Elements of a Program to Provide a Safe and Healthful Work Environment
  • A10.39  Construction Safety and Health Audit Program
  • A10.40 Reduction of Musculoskeletal Problems in Construction
  • A10.41  Equipment Operator and Supervisor Qualifications and Responsibilities (under development)
  • A10.42  Rigging Qualifications and Responsibilities in the Construction Industry
  • A10.43 Confined Spaces in Construction (under development)
  • A10.44 Lockout/Tagout in Construction
  • A10.46 Hearing Loss Prevention
  • A10.47 Highway Construction Safety (under development)
  • A10.48 Communication Tower Erection (under development)
  • A10.49 Control of Health Hazards (under development)

TAUC is represented on ANSI-A10 by William Treharne, director of engineering and administration for Midwest Steel, Inc. based in Detroit, Mich.; and Jeff Hardison, corporate safety director for Area Erectors, Inc. based in Oswego, Ill.

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