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Bob Hoover honored with Spirit of Union Construction Award

May 22 2012

Bob is truly a legend in the union construction industry, and his career spans several decades. He has held leadership posts at some of the largest contracting firms in the country. Currently he is Vice President of Kvaerner North American Construction Inc. He is also a past president of TAUC and serves as Management Co-Chair of the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC).

“This award recognizes and celebrates an individual’s lifetime achievements in union construction,” TAUC President Tom Felton said. “But it’s about more than just their career and the titles they’ve held. It’s about the positive impact they’ve had on the people around them. The Spirit of Union Construction Award recognizes someone who has inspired others to do better, to achieve more than they thought possible; someone who has reached out and helped colleagues during times of trouble, and never asked for anything in return; someone whose passion for the industry was evident in everything they did. I know everyone agrees that this description fits Bob Hoover to a tee.”

“Some people’s lives are enriched by leadership; other people’s lives are defined by it,” said Don Crane, President of the Western Reserve, Ohio BCTC. “A man like Bob Hoover defines his life in leadership every day.”

“I don’t know another single individual who has dedicated more of his time and energy to the union construction industry,” noted Eric Waterman, former CEO of IMPACT. “More importantly, there isn’t a more knowledgeable or experienced person in the industry than my friend Bob Hoover.”

Bill Treharne, Director of Engineering and Administration for Midwest Steel, Inc., said: “When I think of Bob Hoover the following words come to mind: integrity, dedication and understanding. Bob is not flashy, egotistical or flamboyant; he just gets it done! Bob Hoover is a true professional.”

“If you are looking for the name of a person who has devoted all of his time, talent, commitment and compassion to promoting union construction, it would be Bob Hoover,” added Steve Lindauer, TAUC CEO and NMAPC Impartial Secretary/CEO. “The sacrifices he has made for the betterment of the organizations that he has worked for, or represented, have helped to make everyone associated with this business better, safer and more professional.”

Watch the complete tribute video to Bob Hoover below.

TAUC 2012 Spirit of Union Construction Award Video

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