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Membership in TAUC means being part of a collaborative effort to advance and enhance the union construction and maintenance industry. Our members are committed to the realization that labor and management must work together for their collective future success. We also realize that in today’s fast-moving business environment, contractors and others must continually strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation and adopt new product and services that will keep our industry competitive well into the twenty-first century.

That’s why TAUC created the Innovation and Technology (IT) Committee: to give contractors the tools and knowledge necessary to compete and thrive in an increasingly technology-driven industry.

Membership is comprised exclusively of employees of TAUC Governing Members who possess expertise in innovation and technology. Each Governing Member has the ability to appoint one of its employees to serve as its organization’s representative on the IT Committee. IT Committee Members help guide the association’s innovation and technology policy as well as improve their organizations’ knowledge of current industry tech issues and trends.


  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Wearable tech
  • Robotics
  • Advanced automation


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Matthew Hedke Chair

Michael Rembold Staff Liaison

Kirk Westwood Staff Liaison

Brianne Stewart Silent

Michael Dorsey Silent

Daniel Hogan Silent

Tim Speno Silent

Kristopher Lengieza Silent

Alex Kopp Silent

Kent Fortenberry Member

Christophe Pierin Member

Ron Sinopoli Member

Marc Glaeser Member

Thomas Rauch Member

Hayley Sutton Member

Yates Vanden Heuvel Member

Michael Sherman Member

Patrick O'Leary Member

Bryan Wilkie Member

Kevin Moore Member

Luke Redd Member

Jeff Carlson Member

Mark Laverty Member

Eric Fullerton Member

Aaron Geiger Member

Daniel Stokes Member

Matthew Kram Member

Timothy Hoch Member

Dave Knecht Member

Julie Doyle Member

John Jurewicz Member

Brad Birck Member

Andrew Lambert Member


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