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Extensive membership research under way

March 18 2009

The Association of Union Constructors is conducting an intensive research effort to learn more about its membership. If you are a TAUC member, you may have already received and participated in the first part of this research.

Our goal is to determine members’ awareness of, interest in and satisfaction with our association. We are also investigating how we can better serve our members and the union construction community. The next phase will consist of an online survey, which will roughly take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

The survey will be completely confidential and is for research purposes only. If you would like to participate in this research study, and have not already been contacted, please contact Joseph Taliuaga using the information provided below.

Joseph M. Taliuaga
Senior Research Analyst
Rockbridge Associates
703-757-5213 ext. 23

TAUC strives to be a data-driven association, continually looking at new ways to assist our membership and the union construction industry.

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