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Last day for Craft Jurisdiction Guide sale

December 31 2008

Wednesday, Dec. 31, is the last day that you can purchase the TAUC Craft Jurisdiction Guide for 25% off. Purchase your copy today!

Non-Member – SALE $600.00

Regular Member – SALE $300.00

Affiliate and LEO Member – SALE $262.50

Governing Member – SALE $150.00

TAUC’s Craft Jurisdiction Guide is a comprehensive tool designed to provide contractors with a reference tool to assist in properly assigning work, as well as provide other essential information relative to work assignments and the various jurisdictional dispute processes in the union construction industry.

This guide is one of a kind, and is the only place where you can access all of the craft’s agreements and materials relative to jurisdiction.

It is in electronic format, and can be accessed using free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The document contains bookmarks to all agreements and is keyword searchable.

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