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New TAUC WORK Tool Addresses Job Opportunities

June 23 2008

TAUC and our sister organization, the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC), have teamed up to offer a new way to find additional NMA job opportunities and to locate qualified contractors for maintenance and repair work all across America.

TAUC contractors have indicated that they need a tool to get more work opportunities under the NMA and owners have asked us to provide a mechanism for them to search for qualified contractors for their projects. Because you asked,TAUC is creating a powerful upgrade to the www.tauc.org and www.nmapc.org websites which will use the “Company Profile” section to allow owners and construction managers to search for qualified contractors available for new work assignments.

This tool alone however will be worthless unless contractors participate, and the first step to getting your company more job opportunities is to edit your company profile by logging onto the TAUC or NMAPC websites and clicking on the ‘Update Profile’ link on TAUC’s homepage or the ‘Company Profile’ link on the NMAPC site.

Once 30% of TAUC contractors have completed this section, owners will be able to begin searching the WORK form for qualified contractors that meet the requirements of their projects.

To those in the owner community, this new demographic WORK form will be a powerful ally for those seeking qualified contractors for their projects. And for contractors who are hungry for more work, this will be your tool of choice!

A paper version of the form is available upon request. For more information contact us at info@tauc.org or simply call us today at (703) 524-3336 and mention you need information about the new WORK form!

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