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OSHA creates authorized trainer watch list

July 30 2009

Thinking of shortening that OSHA 10- or 30-hour?

Want to give in to the pressure of the students, owner, contractor or client to cut the class short, not cover required topics and issue cards any way?

You could jeopardize your training credentials if you do!

In an effort to ensure instructor integrity and compliance as an authorized OSHA outreach trainer for the 10- and 30-hour OSHA courses, the federal safety agency is auditing outreach instructors and has added a watch list to its Web site.

The list already includes the names of several instructors who have had their training credentials suspended or revoked.

Companies who are considering hiring an outside instructor are encouraged to check the watch list to ensure the consultant is a credible trainer.

Instructors: stick to your guns. Your credentials are at stake!

Remember, 10-hours are ten “contact” hours – the time the student is in the classroom receiving instruction; not the overall duration of the course.

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