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OSHA seeks applications for online safety training programs

April 5 2011

OSHA announced late last month that it is seeking applications from organizations “to provide 10- or 30-hour online OSHA Outreach Training Program courses in the construction, general and maritime industries.”

The program “trains workers on their rights, describes employer responsibilities, explains how to file a complaint and describes work-related hazards,” OSHA added.

Applications are due by June 27.

OSHA said it began offering online outreach training courses in 2002 and has seen a steady increase in the number of workers trained online; in the last fiscal year, more than 100,000 workers received online training of some sort. More than 110,000 workers received online training in fiscal 2010.

General inquiries should be directed to Don Guerra at guerra.don@dol.gov or Jim Barnes at barnes.jim@dol.gov. They can be reached at 847-759-7700.

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