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Reminder: Post your OSHA 300A forms

January 24 2011

This is a friendly reminder to post your OSHA 300A forms.

The Recordkeeping Standard requires employers to post their OSHA 300A forms from February 1 through April 30 each year.

Depending on the establishment and the scope of work, employers may keep two sets of logs; one for each project lasting a year or more in duration, and, an aggregate log for all the work conducted by that employer.

Additional clarification from the standard is below:

3. Construction work sites that are:

a. Scheduled to continue for a year or more:

1. A separate OSHA 300 Log must be maintained for each establishment.

2. The log may be maintained either

At the construction site, or

At an established central location provided the employer can:

— Transmit information about the injuries and illnesses from the establishment to the central location within seven (7) calendar days of receiving information that a recordable injury or illness has occurred, and

— Produce and send records from the central location to the establishment within four business hours when the employer is required to provide to a government representative or by the end of the next business day when providing records to an employee, former employee or employee representative.

b. Scheduled to continue for less than a year:

1. A Separate OSHA 300 Log need not be maintained for each establishment.

2. One OSHA 300 Log may be maintained to cover:

All such short-term establishments or

All Such short-term establishments within company divisions or geographic regions.

3. The Log may be maintained at the establishment or at a central location under the instruction given in 3.a.(2), above.

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