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Statement from TAUC on Racial Injustice

June 10 2020

The terrible incident in Minneapolis on May 25 that ended the life of George Floyd has sparked weeks of peaceful protests and significant civil discourse on racial injustice in America.

As a trade association dedicated to the growth of union construction and maintenance, we are, quite frankly, not equipped to adequately address the pain and anger felt by Mr. Floyd's family and millions of Americans, especially those in the African American community. All we can do is listen, offer our support, and commit to doing whatever we can so that a tragedy like this does not occur again. It is our hope that citizens can come together in the wake of Mr. Floyd's death and build a nation that is better and stronger than what came before.

For its part, TAUC will continue efforts to ensure our industry embraces a diverse workforce and does not tolerate racism. No one should be denied the incredible opportunity of a career in union construction and maintenance due to skin color, gender or any other inherent quality. No one should feel disrespected or threatened on the jobsite simply because of who they are. Everyone — from the young high-school graduate pondering her future to the men and women who already have jobs in different fields but are looking for something more challenging and rewarding — should be able to step on the path to middle-class stability and prosperity that our industry provides.

Is that enough? No, but it's a start. We move forward with open hearts, ready to listen, learn and work together to ensure all Americans are treated with decency and respect.

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