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TAUC Joins Beyond the Runway Coalition

June 2 2015
Legislative Affairs

AirportsUnited showcases the unity and resolve of airports across the country to enact core policy goals, this is especially relevant with the upcoming FAA reauthorization debate in Congress. It also provides a platform for partners in the coalition to contact members of Congress and collectively lend their voices to this effort. Airports, contractors, vendors, retail establishments, restaurants, businesses, tourism groups, municipalities, and states all have a vested interest in ensuring that airports remain strong economic engines and job centers for their local communities.

Some of the key issues the coalition will be focusing on includes:

  1. Modernizing the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) and Regularly Adjusting It for Inflation

  2. Protecting the Airport Improvement Program (AIP)

  3. Maintaining and Growing the Infrastructure Investment Options for Airports

  4. Expanding Air Service Options to Communitieis All Across America

  5. Implementing New Technologies for a Safer and More Efficient Aviation System

  6. Developing More Environmentally Friendly Airports

  7. Facilitating Speedier Passenger Movement through Homeland Security Checkpoints

  8. Providing Superior Safety and Security to the Traveling Public

To learn more about these issues visit www.airportsunited.com.

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