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TAUC Labor Committee Convenes for the First Time

June 26 2007

WASHINGTON, DC (June 26, 2007) – The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) — the largest multi-craft union contractor association in America — held its first Labor Committee Meeting on June 21, 2007 in Des Plaines, IL.

TAUC’s Labor Committee is comprised of 15 industry leaders who are dedicated to promoting positive change in the union construction industry. The Labor Committee’s primary responsibilities are:

  • To develop policy and oversee the implementation of strategies for improving the competitiveness of union contractors; 
  • To examine major industrial and commercial markets, both union and non-union, to determine the factors contributing to market share division; 
  • To create and maintain a high-level of dialogue within the industrial community and among labor unions to promote harmonious labor relations and to advance the concept of industrial maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and renovation; 
  • To foster and perpetuate the competitive position, the well being, and the economic vitality of the industrial community and construction trades employers who serve it.

“The Labor Committee takes into consideration the challenges facing today’s union construction industry and then considers how TAUC can help organized labor, union contractors and owners meet those challenges,” said Gary Kebert, TAUC Labor Committee Chairman. “Once we have an action plan in place, we then make our recommendations to TAUC’s Board of Directors on how, we, the largest multi-craft union contractor association in America, can impact our industry and recover market share.”

Topics also covered in TAUC’s first Labor Committee Meeting were:

  • Adopting policy and action plans regarding jurisdictional disputes, manpower issues, immigration reform and national substance abuse programs.
  • Assigning task forces to develop a contractor qualification system, an online work opportunity tool, a searchable jurisdiction guide and other new TAUC products and services.
  • Refining TAUC award programs and determining the agenda for TAUC’s first Safety-Labor Forum.

“Our Labor Committee is invested in discovering innovative ways of helping union contractors compete more effectively in the open market,” said Kevin Hilton, TAUC Vice-President of Industrial Relations and liaison to the Labor Committee. “There are reasons why some geographical areas and certain sectors of the union construction industry are diminishing while others are fairing much better. One of the Committee’s goals is to meticulously assess the situation and then develop resources based on our findings that will truly benefit our members and our partners in labor.”

AUC Labor Committee members are:

Chairman                          Gary Kebert 
                                            Meccon Industries, Inc.

Vice-Chairman                Charles Burns  
                                             J.J. White Inc

Scott Anderson                                                     Alissa Schneider
Enerfab Corporation                                              Danny’s Construction 
Alan Black                                                              Gerard T. Schreiber 
Construction & Turnaround Services                 MC Industrial
William Cornell                                                      Michael Schumacher
McCarl’s Inc                                                            Aristeo Rigging 
David Crichton                                                        Nicholas L. Theisen  
Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co.                    LG Constructors, Inc.
Jake Hardy                                                              Greg Trueman
NAES Power Contractors                                     Alberici Constructors
Steve Johnson                                                       Ronald G. Weatherred
GEM Industrial Inc.                                                 Fluor Maintenance Services
Kenneth N. Perry 
Fluor Constructors International, Inc

About The Association of Union Constructor (TAUC):
TAUC is an association of 2,500 union contractors from across the Untied States, primarily engaged in steel erection, industrial maintenance and construction. The mission of TAUC is to act as an advocate in advancing and enhancing the value of the union construction industry through an educated and action driven membership that fosters the promotion of labor-management cooperation, workplace safety and health, and collaboration with construction users in order to help union contractors compete more effectively in the marketplace.                                               

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