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TAUC Names Todd Mustard VP of Industry Innovation & Government Affairs

January 6 2020

Todd Mustard has been promoted to Vice President, Industry Innovation & Government Affairs for The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC), CEO Steve Lindauer announced.

In his new position, Todd will take the lead in advancing two of TAUC’s highest priorities: giving contractors the tools and knowledge necessary to compete and thrive in an increasingly technology-driven industry and ensuring that our members’ collective voice is heard on Capitol Hill on crucial legislative and regulatory matters such as pension reform and infrastructure spending.

“Over the past several years, Todd has worked very hard to enhance TAUC’s role not only as a leading proponent of innovation and new technology but also a force to be reckoned with in the halls of Congress as we advocate for our members’ best interests,” Lindauer said. “This new title more accurately reflects his portfolio of responsibilities at TAUC as well as my confidence in his vision for our organization. I am confident he will excel in his new role and look forward to working with Todd as an integral component of our senior leadership team.”

On the Government Affairs side, Todd will work to grow TAUC’s new political action committee, TAUCPAC, and will also serve as the principal liaison with Summit Strategies Government Affairs LLC, which provides TAUC with high-level guidance on policy and regulatory issues. In addition, he will continue to serve as TAUC’s point person with various legislative coalitions including the Construction Employers of America, the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency, and the Carbon Capture Coalition.

On the Innovation and Technology front, Todd is tasked with keeping our member contractors fully informed on the latest advancements in construction tech. Also, he will continue to serve as the primary coordinator for TAUC’s annual Industrial Grade Innovation Conference & Expo (IGI). “It’s crucial that IGI continues to grow,” Lindauer said. “Our first two events were very successful. I’m excited to work with Todd and our team as we continue to ‘level up’ and ensure that IGI is transformed into a must-attend event for every senior executive in our industry.”

Todd’s location on the West Coast will also enable him to help grow TAUC’s membership base beyond our traditional strongholds in the Midwest and along the East Coast. “In his new role, Todd will serve as our ‘ambassador’ in an area where, historically, we have not had a large presence,” Lindauer added. “In the short time he has been on the West Coast, he has already forged several strong relationships with contractors and building trades organizations. These new connections will benefit not only TAUC but also, potentially, our sister organization, the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC).”

Todd joined TAUC as the manager of communications in 2003 and quickly advanced to the role of Senior Director of Government Affairs and Membership Services in 2007. He was promoted to Executive Director of Government Affairs and Membership Services in 2017. His sixteen years of industry experience, exceptional customer service, and ability to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities within the organization made him a natural fit for Vice President of Industry Innovation & Government Affairs.

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