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TAUC regular member to appear in new CBS reality television show

July 31 2009

ThyssenKrupp Safway, a leading provider of scaffolding services in North America, supplied scaffolding to enclose the homes of eight Kennesaw, Ga., families on their property for “There Goes the Neighborhood,” a new CBS reality show to air August 9.

In the show, the eight families will compete while secluded behind a 20-foot wall composed of Safway’s Systems? and Sectional scaffolds.

The families were enclosed within the scaffold wall for approximately three weeks without all modern conveniences like computers, television or cell phones.

Prior to filming, the ThyssenKrupp Safway Atlanta branch was approached by a division of Warner Brothers to provide and erect the 2,000-foot long, 20-foot high scaffold in a suburb of Atlanta.

In order to withstand 100 mile per hour winds, the scaffold had to be anchored into the front and back yards on the houses using a ground anchor.

After erecting the scaffold, the customer installed vinyl on the exterior of the scaffold to give it the appearance of a concrete wall. ThyssenKrupp Safway labor crews constructed the wall in seven days before filming began on June 15.

“Safway’s Atlanta branch was proud to showcase the versatility of our products for such a unique project,” said ThyssenKrupp Safway Atlanta Branch Manager Brian Munson. “Our involvement with the project is further proof of Safway’s ability to adapt to the wide breadth of markets we service.”
Like other reality television competitions, “There Goes the Neighborhood” will feature “reward” and “elimination” challenges.

Families who win reward challenges will receive prizes designed to improve their lives and homes. One family will be eliminated per episode, and the last family standing will receive a $250,000 grand prize.

Matt Rogers, a finalist on the third-season of American Idol, will host the show.

Tune in to CBS on August 9 at 9 p.m. (EST) for the premiere of “There Goes the Neighborhood.”

Until then, look for Safway crew members erecting the scaffold wall on commercials for the show on CBS.

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