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TAUC representatives meet with Iron Workers executives

March 30 2010
Labor Relations

The Iron Workers’ General Executive Council held its spring meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona in late March. Several TAUC members, including CEO Steve Lindauer, were given the opportunity to represent the association and participate in a constructive dialogue about ways to enhance the relationship between the union and our contractors.

Attending were TAUC President Robert Santillo, President of McCarl’s Inc.; Bob Hoover, Vice President of Aker Construction Inc.; Gary Bohn, Senior Advisor to the President, Kiewit Power Constructors Co.; Bill Ligetti, Executive Director of the Ironworker Employers Association of Western Pennsylvania; Robert Redden, Director of Construction for Bowen Engineering Corp.; and Jim Walker, CEO of the Great Lakes Fabricators and Erectors Association.

Before attending the meeting, TAUC surveyed a number of its members and asked for their input. Contractors were asked to share both positive and negative recent experiences with Iron Workers at the local level. We also asked them to provide us with any constructive criticism that might help both the Iron Workers and TAUC members work together more safely and efficiently. The TAUC team took those detailed responses with them to the meeting and was able to deliver practical, on-the-ground information about our members’ experiences directly to the executive council.

“The opportunity to address the leadership of the Iron Workers helps both of our organizations,” Lindauer said after the meeting. “We’re able to reinforce our long-term relationship by talking candidly about the issues our members face. In the end, this kind of open, honest dialogue helps labor and management achieve our mutual goal of advancing union construction.”

“It’s vitally important that we provide TAUC members with the chance to participate in face-to-face meetings with important partners like the Iron Workers,” Lindauer added. “I’m grateful to those who rearranged their busy schedules in order to take advantage of this unique opportunity. There’s tremendous value in these meetings. This is one of the primary ways to have your voice heard as a member of this organization.”

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