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TAUC Statement on Operating Engineers' Decision to Re-affiliate with Building and Construction Trades Department

December 19 2013

On December 19, the International Union of Operating Engineers announced that it had decided to re-affiliate with the Building and Construction Trades Department. TAUC CEO Steve Lindauer issued the following statement:

“TAUC views this as a very positive step not only for the Operating Engineers and the Building and Construction Trades Department, but also for our member union contractors and, most importantly, the end users of our services — the owner-clients.

“We congratulate General President Callahan and President McGarvey for the leadership they have demonstrated. They have stepped up to the plate and made a pragmatic business decision designed to benefit the entire union construction industry.

“For many years, TAUC has supported the concept of a united Building and Construction Trades Department, and today’s announcement moves us closer to realizing that goal. We believe our industry is most productive when all of the stakeholders are working together and coordinating their efforts to meet the needs of the modern marketplace. It’s the same model used by our sister organization, the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. All 14 building trades unions participate in the NMAPC, and that’s why we’ve experienced so much success over the past 40 years.”

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