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TAUC Submits Comments to EPA on Clean Power Plan

October 10 2014

TAUC has submitted a formal set of comments to EPA regarding its proposed Clean Power Plan.

The comments lay out in detail TAUC’s objections to the government’s misguided attempts to slash carbon emissions from power plants by 2030. EPA’s plan would impose severe, unrealistic emissions restrictions on utilities across the country…and almost certainly force the closure of hundreds of coal-fired generating units. Simply put, fewer coal-fired units mean fewer jobs for the thousands of hardworking union contractors and their highly skilled partners in the building trades.

CLICK HERE to read TAUC’s comments to EPA on its proposed Clean Power Plan.

And don’t forget to submit your own comments! EPA is accepting comments until December 1, and your voice MUST BE HEARD!

CLICK HERE to find out how to submit your comments to EPA

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