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TAUC's Jacob Snyder Testifies Before Congress on Critical Labor Standards

June 28 2024
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Jacob Snyder, Enerfab Chief Operating Officer and board member of The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC), testified before Congress at a hearing titled “Cutting Competition in Contracting: The Administration’s Pricey Project Labor Agreement Mandate.” This hearing was crucial in discussing the implications of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on the construction industry’s competitiveness and the broader implications for labor standards. 

Jacob Snyder, who also serves as Management Co-Chair of the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC), brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of the union construction and maintenance industry’s dynamics. He also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Enerfab, a leading construction company known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Representing over 1,700 member companies, TAUC is a leading voice advocating for policies that support skilled union labor and ensure high-quality construction outcomes. Snyder’s testimony reflects the association’s commitment to maintaining robust labor standards and promoting fair competition within the industry.

The hearing addressed the administration’s mandate on Project Labor Agreements, which are pre-hire collective bargaining agreements that establish the terms and conditions of employment for specific construction projects. While critics argue that PLAs can increase project costs and reduce competition, TAUC contends that these agreements are essential for ensuring worker safety, maintaining high labor standards, delivering quality construction services, and refutes that PLAs have negative effects economically or in terms of project timelines. 

In his testimony, Snyder emphasized that PLAs do not stand as barriers to competition, nor do they come with the increased costs and lengthened timelines often misattributed to their use on construction projects. Citing a 2022 study by Independent Project Analysis, Snyder noted higher productivity on union jobs, reduced costs, and higher levels of skill within the labor force. While he acknowledged there is a shortage of skilled labor, he noted that Enerfab has not experienced this as the use of union labor’s highly skilled craftspeople does more to assuage these deficits than the use of open shop labor.

The testimony underscores TAUC’s commitment to advocating for policies that support the union construction industry and protect the interests of its union workforce. By promoting the use of PLAs, TAUC aims to ensure that clean energy projects and other federally supported initiatives are carried out with the highest standards of safety, quality, and fairness.  Jacob Snyder’s testimony is a crucial contribution to the ongoing debate on labor standards in the construction industry, highlighting the need for policies that support both workers and contractors in delivering essential infrastructure projects. His dual roles within TAUC and NMAPC, along with his leadership at Enerfab, position him as a key advocate for the industry’s future.

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