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Union Contractors Have Spoken!

May 22 2008

On Friday, May 16th, the final day of TAUC’s 2nd Annual Leadership Conference, CLRC’s Executive Director Bob Gasperow was on hand to shed light on the findings of the 2008 Construction Industry Conditions Survey and touched on what these trends mean for union contractors.

The survey’s objectives were:

  • To quantify the extent that labor shortages exist
  • To assess the prevalence of measures being taken to deal with this situation
  • To measure the cost impact of these measures

Responding contractors indicated that:

  • Close to half are utilizing an extended work schedule
  • Almost two-thirds have experienced labor shortages
  • A variety of supplemental payments are being made to workers with no one more favored than another
  • There are craft differences in the steps being taken

TAUC and CLRC have a long history of working together on this type of data analysis, to provide additional value to its membership, but also to find ways through hard statistical analysis to make union contractors more competitive.

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