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ACCSH Unanimously Votes to Support Proposed Cranes and Derricks Standard

December 19 2006

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) recently voted to support a draft proposal from OSHA on a new Cranes & Derricks Standard. ACCSH encouraged OSHA to “move forward with deliberate speed to issue the Standard”. The Crane and Derrick Negotiated Rulemaking Committee (C-DAC), which was formed by OSHA to work on the new standard, is comprised of 23 representatives from crane rental companies, equipment manufacturers, contractors, unions, insurance and OSHA personnel. The C-DAC hopes that the standard is moved forward as is, and with the many technological changes that have occurred since the standard was formed in 1971, the committee’s work on the standard is very much necessary. TAUC will notify our members of this standard’s progress.

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