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Innovation and Technology

The TAUC Innovation and Technology Committee’s primary purposes are: (i) to monitor the state of innovation and technology in the construction industry; and (ii) identify innovation and technology that can improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of TAUC members. On all matters affecting the area of innovation and technology, the Committee shall investigate, study and propose recommended actions to be taken by TAUC on behalf of the membership.

The Committee keeps members fully aware and updated on all innovation and technology matters.

The Committee is integral to the annual Industrial Grade Innovation (IGI) Conference and Expo which takes place in the third quarter each year. IGI brings together is focused on construction related innovation and technology solutions, and brings together TAUC’s 1,800+ members, our partners in the building and construction trades, and the owner/client community.

Technology firms and innovative entrepreneurs are invited to showcase their offerings and venture capitalists share their strategies on which tech solutions they are investing in that may have massive impacts on the industry.

Some of the current focuses of the Committee include job site connectivity, and identifying a multi-faceted approach to ensuring projects large and small have access to high speed connectivity. The Committee is collaborating with the owner/client community to highlight how they benefit from their contractors having the tools they need to be the most efficient, effective and of course safe. Telecom companies are also engaged – this market is underserved, but has significant revenue opportunities for those companies that can provide the services needed for the robust application of cloud based software.

Tool management and tracking is another initiative the Committee is focused on which has universal application across the industry.

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