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TAUC Priorities

Education and Training

TAUC supports a comprehensive industry education program to help contractors improve their management and business operation skills via a variety of in-person and virtual meetings.

TAUC annually hosts a Leadership Conference that provides members and invited guests with significant take-home value. The intensive conference curriculum includes high-level presentations from experts on important business, labor and regulatory topics that impact members’ day-to-day operations. These events also provide a wealth of networking opportunities as representatives from the owner/client community as well as the international labor organizations attend.

Each December, TAUC hosts the State of the Union Construction Industry forum, where policy makers, regulators, and other experts provide cutting-edge information to member contractors’ representatives and other invited guests. This meeting is historically held in Washington, D.C.

TAUC Webinar Series

TAUC hosts a variety of online training seminars, or webinars, on topics that include prescription drug abuse; how to hold an effective pre-job conference; how to prevent jurisdictional disputes whenever possible; fall protection; crane safety; and many others. Archived versions of these webinars can be found in the store.

TAUC webinars are a cost-effective means of getting important and time-sensitive information to member firms without requiring them to travel.

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