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CLRC Wage and Benefit Settlements Update, June 2010

June 30 2010

The Construction Labor Research Council has just released a new report on Wage and Benefit Settlements in collective bargaining agreements, and you can download it for free at the link below, courtesy of TAUC.

W&B settlements in 2010 have thus far resulted in an average first-year increase of 55 cents, or just over 1%, CLRC reported. “This is down considerably from the average of $1.49 or 3.1 percent reported for the comparable period a year earlier,” the Council noted. “Second and third year settlements are also lower, but by lesser amounts.”

In the East North Central region – which includes states like Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Minnesota – average first-year settlements were roughly double the national average at $1.11 or 2%. However, “this is still more moderate than last year’s $1.69 or 3.1 percent,” CLRC said.

Download the complete four-page PDF report below.

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