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The TAUC Customer Caucus is a unique opportunity for owner-clients to engage with the member contractors and international building trades representatives who they entrust to build and maintain their assets. In confidential settings, the parties meet throughout the year to discuss a variety of industry issues, including safety, productivity and improving the tripartite relationship that has become highly valued in the industry.

The Caucus’s unique platform allows owner/clients expectations to be voiced, best practices shared, and mutual concerns addressed. Additionally, it promotes training and acts as a repository for resources that allow for effective project management.

The Caucus is comprised exclusively of owner/client employees that are responsible for the oversight, management and execution of construction and maintenance projects within their domestic United States facilities. Owner/clients interested in gaining access to TAUC’s vast network of union contractors, international union leadership are encouraged to contact TAUC today.


  • Jobsite safety/zero injury philosophy
  • Improving tripartite communication and cooperation on jobsites
  • Labor supply
  • Productivity and project execution
  • Collective bargaining/labor relations
  • Business development and growing market share


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Michael Dorsey Staff Liaison

Daniel Hogan Staff Liaison

Reagan Sullivan Staff Liaison

Liam Butler Staff Liaison

George Farah Member

Eric Grubb Member

Emily Murray Member

Justin Brown Member

Tony Barron Member

Michael Tussey Member

Andrew Matthews Member

Alonso De Avila Member

Peter Cagnini Member

Stephen Palmer Member

Dean Martin Member

Olabisi Habib Member

Brian Watkins Member

Mike Menosky Member

Greg Vasel Member

Eric Goedtel Member

Shawn Moore Member

Richard Albaugh Member

Michael Fischer Member

Kenneth Beckmann Member

David Brahosky Member

Doyle Rains Member

Ed Goedde Member

Jerry Laurizio Member

Denis Smalley Member

David Leaver Member

James Hoyt Jr Member

Kurt Sangster Member

Donald Angert Member

Anthony Monte Member

Marty Malek Member

David Wilker Member

William Southerland Member

Craig Degenfelder Member

Jennifer Fife Member

Jennifer Santangelo Member


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