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Safety isn’t just a buzzword at TAUC—it’s a core value that drives everything we do. The TAUC EHS Committee brings together the industry’s most experienced safety professionals who tackle the top issues of the day.

The Committee also guides the association’s environmental health and safety policy. Quarterly meetings provide an excellent forum for members to network and discuss the latest EHS-related issues affecting the construction and maintenance industry.

The EHS Committee is comprised exclusively of employees of TAUC Governing Members who possess EHS expertise. Each Governing Member has the ability to appoint one (1) of its employees to serve as its representative on the Committee. In addition to helping shape TAUC’s ever-evolving commitment to safety, EHS Committee Members also improve their organizations’ knowledge and preparedness by learning about current EHS issues, trends and the latest technology.


  • OSHA Standards & Recordability Compliance/Best Practices
  • Combating Opioid & Alcohol Abuse in the Industry
  • Suicide Prevention & Mental Health
  • New EHS Products & Emerging Technologies


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Kathleen Dobson Chair

Jason Scollin Vice-Chair

Daniel Hogan Staff Liaison

Alex Kopp Staff Liaison

Todd Mustard Staff Liaison

Laura Howkins Silent

James Stanley Silent

Brett Williamson Silent

Mike Starner Silent

Wes Wheeler Silent

Michael Palazzola Silent

Matthew Koon Silent

Bill Cottrell Silent

Brian Boychuk Silent

Herb Strong Silent

Michael Dorsey Silent

Ron Traxler Silent

Larry Pecht Silent

Jeffrey Hardison Silent

Raffi Elchemmas Silent

Justin Azbill Silent

Rick Reams Silent

Marc Storey Silent

John Matarazzo Silent

Matthew Patterson Silent

Graham Brent Silent

Lynn Foley-Hering Silent

Karl Ulbrich Silent

Kevin Kelley Silent

John Anderson Silent

Renea Straub Silent

Marianne Karg Silent

Brian Sanoshy Silent

Andrew Powell Silent

Todd Gorrebeeck Silent

Beth O'Quinn Silent

Brandon Reese Silent

Chris Sicker Silent

Brandon Anderson Member

Paul Mangiamele Member

Sharon Williams Member

James Rivera Member

David McCoy Member

Mike Zeidler Member

Kevin Zajdel Member

Blake Davis Member

William Hering Member

Chris Giamo Member

Bryan Williams Member

Kevin Moore Member

Rick Bowers Member

Trent Becker Member

Mindy Schultz Member

Rachael Rockage Member

Sean Conley Member

Eric Starkowicz Member

James Arendas Member

Kevin McDonell Member

Jared Ragsdale Member

Mark Douglas Member

Rusty Brown Member

Frank Wimmer Member

Brad Maynor Member

Bob McCall Member

Joel Kelly Member

Jim Hesketh Member

Matthew Fleischer Member

Michael Weatherred, CSP Member

John Isham Member

Kwasi Asare Member

Greg Olek Member

Brian Bork Member

John Stevens Member

Scott Frazer Member

Jon Asher Member

Kent Crytzer Member

Jared Leute Member

Calvin Clark Member

Zach Harmon Member

Jason Konrad, CSP Member

Ray Coleman Member

Richard Neill Member

Alexander Polhemus Member

Jason Bird Member

Josh Sullivan Member

Ryan Pollack Member

Lee-Anne Mason Member

Bobby Greer Member

Kenneth Rueter Member


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