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TAUC Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Safety isn’t just a buzzword at TAUC—it’s a core value that drives everything we do. The TAUC EHS Committee brings together the industry’s most experienced safety professionals who tackle the top issues of the day.

The Committee also guides the association’s environmental health and safety policy. Quarterly meetings provide an excellent forum for members to network and discuss the latest EHS-related issues affecting the construction and maintenance industry.

The EHS Committee is comprised exclusively of employees of TAUC Governing Members who possess EHS expertise. Each Governing Member has the ability to appoint one (1) of its employees to serve as its representative on the Committee. In addition to helping shape TAUC’s ever-evolving commitment to safety, EHS Committee Members also improve their organizations’ knowledge and preparedness by learning about current EHS issues, trends and the latest technology.


  • OSHA Standards & Recordability Compliance/Best Practices
  • Combating Opioid & Alcohol Abuse in the Industry
  • Suicide Prevention & Mental Health
  • New EHS Products & Emerging Technologies


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