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TAUC Industrial Relations Committee

TAUC Committee

Membership in TAUC means being part of a collaborative effort to advance and enhance the union construction and maintenance industry. Our members are committed to the realization that labor and management must work together for their collective future success.

Toward that end, TAUC created the Industrial Relations (IR) Committee to bring together labor-relations professionals from a variety of union contractor firms, both large and small, specializing in all types of construction that serve a wide array of industries. The IR Committee provides a platform to pursue tripartite initiatives with TAUC’s partners in the labor and owner-client communities.

The IR Committee is comprised exclusively of TAUC Governing Members that specialize in labor relations and business development. Each Governing Member has the ability to appoint one of its employees to serve as its organization’s representative on the IR Committee. The Committee helps guide TAUC’s labor relations policy and improve their organizations’ knowledge and preparedness by learning about current IR issues and trends.

Topics Covered By The Committee

  • Business Development
  • Collective Bargaining / Human Resources
  • Increasing Market Share
  • Unfunded Liability
  • Union Craft Labor Supply


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Bill Cornett Chair

Todd Doenitz Vice-Chair

Michael Dorsey Staff Liaison

Liam Butler Staff Liaison

Todd Mustard Staff Liaison

Daniel Hogan Staff Liaison

Kenneth Perry Member

Eric Sitze Member

Pete Adams Member

Brittany Stout Member

Justin Scharpen Member

Ken Burk Member

Mike Keane Member

Rob Branyan Member

Ross Linton Member

Sheldon Traxler Member

Robert Hoover Member

Robert Brockington Member

Scott Mezyk Member

Rick Mefferd Member

Craig Belfatto Member

Allen Moe Member

Eric Swyers Member

John Burke Member

Laurie Laube Member

Peter Warning Member

Robert Breisinger Member

Anthony Rosati Member

Paul Rockage Member

Patrick Bocian Member

Doug Dokey Member

Mike DeLong Member

Ted Woodbeck Member

Dale Massy Member

Barry Scholz Member

Teresa Mueller Member

Jeff Biedermann Member

Don Austin Member

Brad Hetzer Member

Scean Cherry Member

Greg Trueman Member

Jacob Snyder Member

Gary Kebert Member

Gary Bohn Member

Richard Locklear Member

Sarah Scherer Member

Kevin Hilton Member

Chuck Binkowski Member

Dan Kilgore Member

Scott Snyder Member

James Daley Member

Chris Buckman Member

Troy Sundbom Member

Chuck Sekinger Member

Dominic Sansotta Member

Gerard Schreiber Member

Seth Abraham Member

Rick Sutphin Member

Chris Lamberson Member

Chad Kirby Member

Jon Rigoni Member

Dave Hurst Member

Yates Vanden Heuvel Member

Jason Lammertin Member

Jeffrey Jackson Member

David Smestad Member

Chad Cotter Member

Shawn Long Member

Mike Geyer Member

David Marko Member

Brian Hayden Member

Will Chipley Member


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