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TAUC Local Employer Organizations (LEO)

The Local Employer Organization (LEO) Committee is reserved for TAUC LEO Members – that is, local, state and regional union construction contractor groups (including affiliates of national organizations).

TAUC LEOs recognize the importance of relationships and building a strong network outside of their traditional geographic territory. As a national multi-craft association, TAUC is able to bring together LEOs from all across the country, giving members a chance to tap into decades of experience that may not otherwise be available to them locally.

Members of the TAUC LEO Committee meet regularly to give business updates and offer support and assistance to fellow LEOs. Committee meetings are characterized by a spirit of openness, collegiality, and generosity. In particular, the LEO Committee’s wide-ranging roundtable discussions – the highlight of every meeting – are highly valued by members. Members know they can say what’s on their minds and talk about difficult issues in a confidential setting.

In addition, LEO Committee Members advise TAUC and its membership on the state of local collective bargaining agreements.


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