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FREE DOWNLOAD: CLRC Wage and Benefit Settlements, September 2010

September 30 2010

The Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) has just released its Wage and Benefit Settlements Report for 2010, and you can download it for free in PDF format at the link below.

CLRC reports that so far, settlements “have resulted in an average first year increase of $.64 or 1.3 percent. These amounts are little changed from the average reported earlier this year and are considerably less than the averages at this time last year. The average first year increase a year earlier was $1.29 or 2.7 percent.

“This year’s results are characterized by the large number of wage and fringe freezes and even some reductions,” CLRC added. “No increase was negotiated in about one quarter of contracts. There have also been fewer multi-year agreements. Average increase levels were higher in both the second and third years of new contracts with increases of 2.0 to 2.9 percent most common.”

Click below to download the complete report.

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