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Last chance to get into W.O.R.K. raffle

November 21 2008

Every contractor who completes their W.O.R.K. profile by Sunday, Nov. 30, will be automatically entered into a raffle.

One winner will be drawn in the raffle and will receive one full-page advertisement in The Construction User, valued at $3,500. The ad will be published in the March 2009 issue, which you may recognize as the issue that is distributed during the annual TAUC Leadership Conference.

The National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee and The Association of Union Constructors have teamed up to offer member contractors a way to find additional work under the NMA and member owners a way to locate qualified contractors for maintenance and repair work across the United States.

This sophisticated, highly-detailed database will match qualified contractors with upcoming assignments, and will become your biggest ally in beating the tough economic times and keeping your business moving full-steam ahead.

Visit the W.O.R.K. tool today!

A paper version of the W.O.R.K. profile is available upon request.

For more information, contact us at info@tauc.org or call 703.524.3336, and mention that you want to complete your W.O.R.K. profile today!

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