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Leadership: “More than Authority”

January 15 2024

By Daniel Hogan

As we approach TAUC’s annual Construction Leadership Conference, scheduled for May 14-17, it’s a good time to reconsider what leadership means in the context of our industry. Often, conferences only see executives and top management attending, but this year, we should think about it differently. Leadership isn’t confined to those at the top; it’s a mindset, an approach to work and problem-solving that can be found at all levels of our organizations.

True leadership in construction transcends the traditional hierarchy. It’s about influence, vision, and the ability to drive positive change, regardless of one’s position. As we prepare for the conference, we need to consider all of the places leaders exist within our organizations. Perhaps they’re a seasoned project manager, a creative problem-solver on the site, or an innovative planner behind the scenes. These individuals, who exhibit leadership through their actions and decisions every day, are the ones who can truly benefit from and contribute to the conference.

This year, our goal is to reshape the notion of leadership within our sector. The conference is more than a gathering of executives; it’s an empowerment of ideas, experiences, and strategies from all true leaders within our industry. By reconsidering the definition of Construction Leadership, we create a richer, more diverse dialogue that better represents the multifaceted nature of our work.

So, as you make arrangements to attend this year’s Construction Leadership Conference, consider what leadership is beyond one’s title. Leaders are not just born; they’re made through experiences, challenges, and learning opportunities. Let’s use this event to not only learn about leadership but to identify and cultivate the leaders among us, for they are the ones who will drive our industry forward.

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