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McCarron signals return to Building Trades

May 7 2009

After countless requests from our members, The Association of Union Constructors was pleased to host Douglas McCarron, president of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, as its keynote speaker for TAUC Leadership Conference 2009 in Orlando.

While his entire address was provocative, the biggest news of the day emerged from a question-and-answer exchange between the international president and the union contractors in the room.

McCarron disclosed that he sees an opportunity for his organization to return to the Building and Construction Trades Department in the near future.


“Let me say the likelihood went up quite a bit with Ayers. We’ve got to see,” McCarron told the room of union contractors, industrial business owners and labor representatives.

“Don’t get me wrong, we’re not ready to jump back in. But, if his agenda works out, we’re going to see what happens a year or two down the line. He seems to get it.”

McCarron, the keynote speaker at TAUC Leadership Conference 2009, said that he is hopeful and optimistic about the direction that the Building and Construction Trades Department is taking under the leadership of Mark Ayers. He also said any reunion would be in coordination with the Operating Engineers.

Full coverage of this story will be included in the summer issue of The Construction User, which is expected to hit mailboxes the first week of July.

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