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Over a Decade of Growth: NMA Work Hours Reach New Heights

February 5 2024
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By: Daniel Hogan 

Achieving a new 15-year high, the National Maintenance Agreements work hours have surged to an unprecedented 66 million and counting in 2023, heralding a new era of growth and resilience within our industry. This remarkable milestone not only signifies a robust recovery from past years but also highlights the adaptability and strength of our workforce. It shines a light on our ability to quickly rebound even after significant challenges – such as the pandemic-induced low of 41 million hours in 2020. 

The foundational relationship between The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) and the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) plays a crucial role in this success, embodying a tripartite partnership that has navigated the evolving landscape of the construction industry together. This collaboration has been instrumental in driving the sector forward, reflecting our shared commitment to addressing the changing demands of the industry. 
In 2008, our industry hit a peak with 77 million work hours, largely due to retrofitting projects required by new regulations. This was a significant moment for us, showing how the union construction and maintenance industry can quickly adapt to new rules and still thrive. Even when these regulations brought challenges, we managed to adjust. We’ve expanded our work beyond the industries that have sustained us for so many years into new areas such as renewable energy and battery projects. However, at the same time, we’ve seen a significant number of construction companies merge and consolidate. Whether in times of growth or recession, we must constantly rethink how we do things. We keep an eye on the future to make sure our industry stays with the times. 

The continuous engagement in core industries like utilities, steel, auto, and refining with NMA work underscores the lasting value and trust in our efforts. The significant growth from the low in 2020 to a 15-year high in 2023 is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our tripartite cooperation. This progression not only underlines the essential role of our work in powering America’s industrial engine but also sets a positive outlook for future opportunities and growth. As we move forward, our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and community support will ensure that our industry remains at the forefront of the union construction and maintenance landscape. 

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