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TAUC Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence & Honors Joe La Rocca

May 6 2019

2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of our association. In 1969, a small group of contractors, with the support of the Ironworkers International Union, formed the National Erectors Association. Nearly forty years later, in 2007, the NEA became The Association of Union Constructors – a very different organization, representing contractors from across the construction industry, but still built on the same fundamentals of safety and tripartite cooperation.

One of the people who helped create the NEA – and served as its very first leader – is Joseph La Rocca. Joe was also instrumental in creating the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc.

At our 2019 TAUC Leadership Conference in New Orleans, we were lucky enough to have Joe – who recently turned 94 years old – in attendance. As a small gesture of our thanks to Joe, we put together the video above and played it at our gala dinner at the National World War II Museum. It's fitting that Joe, a World War II combat veteran, was there to see it.

Click here to view the winners of the first annual Joseph R. La Rocca Union Project of the Year Awards.

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