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TAUC Celebrates Partnership at NABTU Legislative Conference 

April 22 2024
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This week, The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) and the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee (NMAPC) are pleased to participate in the annual NABTU Legislative Conference, a cornerstone event that brings together the voices of the construction industry’s labor and management sectors. As we set up our booth at this mainstay gathering, we are reminded of the strong partnership we share with North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) and the critical role this alliance plays in advocating for the welfare and advancement of union trades across the United States and Canada.

NABTU, representing 14 dedicated trade unions, has consistently proven to be an invaluable partner to TAUC. Together, we represent a significant force in the construction industry, with TAUC incorporating over 1700 construction companies that employ skilled union tradespeople. This partnership is a shining example of Tripartite cooperation, ensuring that both workers’ rights and industry standards are not only maintained but continuously enhanced.

The NABTU Legislative Conference serves as an essential platform for us to engage directly with policymakers and industry leaders. It allows us to voice our collective interests, discuss pressing legislative and policy issues, and drive forward initiatives that support our workforce and their families. The conference also provides us with a unique opportunity to learn, share, and grow alongside our peers, reinforcing the solidarity and unity that are fundamental to our industry’s success.

We are proud to have a booth at the conference, which not only enhances our visibility but also gives us a direct line to discuss important advancements and opportunities in the industry. It’s a place where meaningful conversations happen—where the future of our industry begins to take shape through the collaborative efforts of all attendees.

As we participate in workshops, networking events, and strategic discussions, we extend our deepest appreciation to NABTU for organizing this event and for their ongoing commitment to the construction trades. Our presence here is a testament to our dedication to the continuous improvement of our industry and the livelihood of those who work within it.

We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with NABTU and all our partners as we continue to champion the rights, training, and safety of our workforce, ensuring that the construction industry remains robust and resilient for generations to come.

Join us at our booth to learn more about TAUC’s initiatives and how we are working together to build a better future for all in the union construction sector. We are here to connect, learn, and lead. 

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