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TAUC CEO Addresses Attendees at IMPACT's RAB Meeting

September 20 2007

TAUC Affiliate member, the Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT) held a Regional Advisory Board (RAB) meeting on September 19th in Atlantic City, NJ. RAB meetings are tools employed by IMPACT to coordinate programs specific to regions and to serve as a vehicle to administer IMPACT grants to support existing or new labor-management programs in the region. They also provide a unique and innovative forum to bring Ironworkers and their signatory contractors together in a totally new environment to answer an important question: “How can we survive and grow?”

Among other guest speakers, TAUC CEO, Steve Lindauer, was on hand to address RAB attendees on the vital role that contractors have in reinvigorating union construction.

For more information please contact IMPACT at 202-393-1147.

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