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TAUC Contractors Recognized for Exemplary Year in Safety

May 28 2008

The Thomas J. Reynolds Awards for Excellence in Construction Safety and Health were created more than 2 decades ago to recognize and commend the exceptional efforts made by TAUC contractor members to prevent the occurrence of serious injury or worse on the jobsite. Along with TAUC’s Craftsperson Awards and the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee’s (NMAPC) Zero Injury Safety Awards (ZISA) these awards are presented to union contractors whose number one goal on the jobsite is safety.

The winners in each category are determined by the lowest Lost Time Frequency in each category. Participants who have achieved a Lost Time Frequency of 25% or below the BLS National Average in 2007, but who are not the lowest in their particular award category, receive a Certificate of Achievement to acknowledge their accomplishments.

TAUC had seventy-one (71) members submit for the Thomas J. Reynolds Safety Awards, with their total hours worked at more than one hundred and thirty nine (139) million and only one hundred and forty four (144) days away from work cases! The average lost time incident rate of the award winners was an astounding .25 for 2007, well under the BLS National Average of 2.4.

This year’s awards ceremony took place at TAUC’s 2008 Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida and were presented in four different hours worked categories as well as certificates of achievement.

Category I Winners (Over 1 Million Hours Worked)

  • Azco, Inc.
  • Industrial Contractors, Inc.
  • JH Kelly, Inc.
  • McCarls Inc.
  • Nooter Construction Company
  • RMF Nooter
  • Stevens Painton Corporation
  • The Jamar Company
  • Walbridge Aldinger

Category II Winners (500,000 – 1 Million Hours Worked)

  • MCT Services LLC
  • Midwest Steel, Inc
  • Solid Platforms, Inc.

Category III Winners (100,000 – 499,999 Hours Worked)

  • Advantage Ironworking Services

  • Bloomsdale Excavating Co., Inc.

  • Bruce & Merrilees Electric Company

  • Danny’s Construction Company, Inc.

  • Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Company

  • Delta Nooter, Inc.

  • F.E. Moran, Inc

  • Helmkamp Construction Company

  • J.E. Shekell Inc.

  • M & O Insulation Co.

  • Manta Industrial, Inc.

  • Meccon Industries, Inc.

  • Norris Brothers Co., Inc.

  • Piping & Equipment, Inc.

  • Power Piping Company

  • Richard Goettle, Inc.

  • Ross Brothers Construction Company

  • Tuttle Construction, Inc.

  • Walbridge-RB

Category IV Winners (Less than 100,000 Hours Worked)

  • H&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc

  • Kessinger Service Industries, LLC

  • M&O Environmental Company

  • Merlyn Contractors, Inc.

  • Security Industries, Inc.

  • W-3 Construction

  • Van’s Industrial Sheet Metal, Inc.

  • Chemsteel Construction Company

  • Anderson Industrial Construction Co.

Certificates of Achievement

  • Aker Construction, Inc. 

  • Alberici Constructors

  • Anderson Electric, Inc.

  • APComPower Inc.

  • API Construction Company

  • API Electric Company

  • Atlantic Plant Maintenance, Inc

  • Bechtel Corporation

  • Ben Hur Construction

  • BMW Constructors, Inc.

  • Cherne Contracting Corporation

  • Construction & Turnaround Services, LLC

  • Enerfab, Inc.

  • Fine Painting & Decorating Co. Inc

  • GEM Inc.

  • Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc.

  • Gribbins Insulation Co. Inc.

  • J.J. White, Inc.

  • Kelley Steel Erectors, Inc.

  • Lakehead Constructors, Inc.

  • MC Industrial

  • Monarch Welding and Engineering, Inc.

  • Morrison Construction Company

  • NAES Power Contractors

  • Pioneer Pipe, Inc.

  • Romanoff Electric Corp. LLC

  • S.M. Electric Co., Inc.

  • Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, Inc.

  • The American Group of Constructors

  • The Pangere Corporation


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