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TAUC engages in constructive dialogue with Carpenters, Operating Engineers

May 4 2011

Several TAUC members and CEO Steve Lindauer participated in a special presentation at the National Construction Alliance II meeting in Las Vegas in late March.

For the first time, TAUC was invited to meet with the General Presidents of the Carpenters and Operating Engineers International Unions – Douglas McCarron and Vincent Giblin, respectively – and discuss areas of common concern, as well as exchange ideas and explore how contractors and the unions can work together more productively towards increasing market share and work opportunities.

Prior to attending the meeting, TAUC solicited comments from all contractors signatory to the Carpenters and/or Operating Engineers under the NMA and asked them to forward their thoughts – positive and negative – so they could be relayed to the General Presidents.

“This was a great opportunity to bring our members’ concerns and suggestions straight to the top,” Lindauer noted. “We presented the feedback we received, and both General Presidents were very eager to hear about what was happening on the ground with contractors and the locals. I know a lot of contractors don’t get the chance to speak with General Presidents very often, so this was the next best thing. I’m happy to report that our members’ messages were not only delivered – they were heard loud and clear.”

Participating with Lindauer in the special presentation were TAUC Board Members Gary Bohn (Kiewit Power), Justin Bruce (Bruce & Merrilees), I.J. Cakrane (URS Energy), Tom Felton (MC Industrial), Bob Hoover (Aker Construction), Robert Santillo (McCarl’s), Thomas Van Oss (Cherne Contracting), Jake Hardy (NAES Power Contractors) and Eric Waterman (IMPACT).

“The consensus among the TAUC representatives was that this was time very well spent,” Lindauer added. “We hope this becomes an annual opportunity to sit down and interface with the Carpenters and Operating Engineers.”

Last month, Lindauer also traveled to San Diego to speak at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association’s annual meeting. He addressed the Crane and Rigging Group Labor Committee and provided them with an update on TAUC’s latest activities, particularly our efforts to halt proposed changes by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to the financial disclosure requirements for participants in multi-employer pension plans.

“Many members of the SC&RA – including crane rental companies and heavy haulers – work with our TAUC members on a daily basis as subcontractors, so we have many mutual interests,” Lindauer said. “We’re together on the same jobsites, so it makes sense to share information at this level, as well. The more we talk to each other, the more we can help one another. One way we can ensure greater success for our members is to continue these types of outreach efforts.”

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