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TAUC submits comments on MACT standards to EPA

August 11 2011

“Our member companies, in discussion with their existing customers within the domestic utility sector, believe that the current three-year implementation timeline to complete the retrofits required to reduce emissions and toxic air pollutants from power plants would have a negative impact on long-term job creation and growth,” TAUC CEO Steve Lindauer stated in the comments, adding:

“A recent study conducted by the National Economic Research Associates (NERA) estimated nationwide net employment losses will total 1.44 million job-years by 2020 if the MACT rules are implemented in their current form. Many of those job losses will be incurred by our member contractors and employees…By forcing utilities to conform to the new MACT standards without adequate time to prepare, units and even entire plants could be shuttered, because the compressed deadlines and budgets for completing the retrofits would simply be unworkable. As a result, our members would experience significant lost work opportunities at a time when our industry is already racked with extremely high unemployment.”

Read and/or download TAUC’s entire comments by clicking on the link below.

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