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TAUC Welcomes 2 New Governing Members

December 19 2007

December 19, 2007

By: Mike Dorsey, Manager of Membership

Maxim Crane Works

The Maxim Crane Works family represents the combined strengths of over 12 crane companies. It is the primary goal of Maxim Crane Works to consistently provide their customers with exceptional service, exceed customer goals and expectations, provide customers the maximum value and maintain their strong leadership role among their peers.

With Maxim’s expansive resources, each branch has the capability to provide management, rigging, engineering, transportation and outsourcing – making Maxim product and service offerings the most comprehensive in the industry.

Maxim’s talented and trained professionals continually focus on safety and quality. Their employees’ hard work and dedication ensure their customers will always receive flawless service each and every day. A number of the industries Maxim serves include Power Generation Facilities , Transmission & Distribution, Steel Mills, Pulp & Paper Facilities, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Automotive, Tower Erection, Modular Building, and Bridge and Highways.

For more information please visit http://www.maximcrane.com

The American Group of Constructors (TAG)

TAG Constructors provides quality, timely, cost-effective construction and maintenance solutions for the commercial and industrial centers of Illinois and Indiana. TAG knows tough jobs, which is why TAG is made up of quality constructors with expert knowledge and superior skills. Their groups will take your most challenging problem and provide a quality solution that is just as strong as they are.

TAG is committed to providing the safest possible workplace- for their employees, for their Customer, and for the public at large. Along with TAG’s Health & Safety Department, they have pledged to provide task-specific training, appropriate for specific work performed by TAG, for all team members. One training goal that TAG is on their way to attaining is: On or before January 31, 2008, all TAG supervisory personnel will have completed the OSHA Thirty-Hour Course of training.

TAG’s Quality Control Program, when aggregated with various ASME Certifications; their participation in the programs of the International Concrete Repair Institute; their activities with Common Arc, and the various Welding Bureaus; proves the depth of their commitment to ensuring that each product provided to their Customer, meets, or exceeds, expectation.

For more information, please visit: http://www.tagconstructors.com/ 

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