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The Construction User 2.0 - Episode 19: Healthcare Over Sick-care: A conversation with Larry Bradley

October 10 2023

In this episode, we take a closer look at healthcare in the construction industry and question our traditional approach. Larry Bradley, an author, consultant, and former NECA executive director, shares insights on how our current healthcare system is more about “sick-care” than actual health management. Join us as we consider alternative perspectives and ways to shift this paradigm.

Larry Bradley worked with the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, NECA for 27 years in virtually every capacity of association management, serving as Executive Director for 18 years. His work positively impacted the lives of thousands of IBEW members and their families. He was inducted into the Academy of Electrical Contractors, NECA’s highest honor to recognize exceptional and outstanding service to the electrical contracting industry. Bradley has worked to ensure that funds are wisely managed, ensuring that the benefits offered to workers are available to them throughout their lives. The Construction User 2.0 podcast is brought to you by The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC).

Your host, Kirk Westwood, is Director of Marketing for TAUC. Kirk has helped many organizations tell their stories as a photographer, blogger, web-streamer, and consultant. In each episode, we’ll explore the latest labor trends, industry insights, and important issues in the world of construction. Our guests are industry leaders, subject matter experts, and innovative visionaries discussing how we are building the ‘world of tomorrow.’ TAUC is made up of more than 1,800 contractor companies that utilize union labor for their projects, as well as local contractor associations and vendors in the industrial maintenance and construction fields. TAUC’s mission is to act as an advocate for union contractors and enhance cooperation between all parties to achieve the successful completion of construction projects.

Discussion points:

  • The song – Kind of a Drag by the Buckinghams and ‘linguistic opioids’
  • The hurdles of healthcare and leadership
  • Staggering stats on healthcare in America
  • Larry’s books and practicing what he preaches
  • Leadership is influence
  • A Sunday morning service question became a book
  • How can the construction industry work toward health?
  • MESS cleanse and mitigating stress
  • Stress in our industry
  • Choosing kindness, plummeting test scores, mindset training
  • Pharmacogenetic testing for drug efficacy
  • The U.S. ranks 37th in the world for healthcare quality
  • The pilot program using pharmacogenetics – food, supplements, medication


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Kirk Westwood LinkedIn

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