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The Construction User 2.0 - Episode 25: CLRC Quarterly Settlements Report

February 13 2024
Management, Podcast

In this episode, host Kirk Westwood speaks with Carey Peters, Executive Director of the CLRC (The Construction Labor Research Council). The CLRC provides comprehensive consulting and research services to national associations and their regional chapters, contractors, owners, unions, labor-management cooperatives, and others in the construction industry. Carey and Kirk discuss variables within the construction industry’s union labor costs, contracts, workforce demographics, and related information. CLRC’s work is objective, accurate, and credible.

Carey has extensive experience in a wide variety of research, consulting and data analysis projects. While enhancing CLRC’s existing products and services, he has developed numerous new products that convey unique perspectives on labor costs and workforce needs. This includes the Market Share, Union-Nonunion Wage & Fringe Benefits Comparison, Benchmark Analysis, and Contract Costing reports available from CLRC. Carey has also grown the CLRC settlements database from a few hundred contracts to over 1,500. Organizations are often interested in CLRC’s research, so Carey presents the results at numerous conferences and seminars each year.

The Construction User 2.0 podcast is brought to you by The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC). Your host, Kirk Westwood, is Director of Marketing for TAUC. Kirk has helped many organizations tell their stories as a photographer, blogger, web-streamer, and consultant. In each episode, we’ll explore the latest labor trends, industry insights, and important issues in the world of construction. Our guests are industry leaders, subject matter experts, and innovative visionaries discussing how we are building the ‘world of tomorrow.’ TAUC is made up of more than 1,800 contractor companies that utilize union labor for their projects, as well as local contractor associations and vendors in the industrial maintenance and construction fields. TAUC’s mission is to act as an advocate for union contractors and enhance cooperation between all parties to achieve the successful completion of construction projects.

Discussion points:

  • New songs stuck in head – a Christmas classic
  • The Quarterly Settlements Report
  • This issue of the report covers the end of 2023
  • How industry members use the report
  • Trends from 2023 – settlement sizes increasing at higher rates
  • Is there a political effect on these amounts?
  • Reporting differences in reports
  • Areas impacted in 2024 – High increases in Pacific Northwest and Southwest
  • Union strongholds in the Northeast were low
  • What’s the one big thing the average contractor or owner can use from the report?
  • Order the CLRC reports in the link below


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