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The Construction User 2.0 - Episode 26: NAWIC's Mission: A discussion with Joelle Salerno and Danielle Harshman

February 21 2024
Associations, Podcast, Safety, Safety and Health

In this episode, we delve into the secrets to thriving as a woman in the construction industry with the inspiring insights of Joelle Salerno and Danielle Harshman. Together, we uncover the layers of support provided by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), illustrating the varied paths women navigate within this male-dominated field.

You’ll hear about the pressing need for personal protective equipment tailored to women in the construction industry and the creative solutions being implemented. We discuss the impact of new OSHA regulations on PPE fit and how they are shaping a safer and more comfortable work environment for women. From the idea of a helmet designed with a ponytail slot to the broader issues of job site attire and childcare availability, we tackle the nuances that make a significant difference in the daily lives of women in construction. This episode is an eye-opener on the challenges women face, the growth opportunities that NAWIC provides, and how each of us can contribute to advancing women in this dynamic industry.

Joelle Salerno is the Assistant Executive Director for Chapter Innovation & Legislative Policy at Western Pennsylvania NECA chapter, as well as current vice president for the NAWIC Pittsburgh, PA Chapter.

Danielle Harshman is Executive Director at Ironworker Employers Association of Western Pennsylvania, and a Board Member at NAWIC Pitttsburgh, PA Chapter, showcasing her commitment to community impact.

The Construction User 2.0 podcast is brought to you by The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC). Your host, Kirk Westwood, is Director of Marketing for TAUC. Kirk has helped many organizations tell their stories as a photographer, blogger, web-streamer, and consultant. In each episode, we’ll explore the latest labor trends, industry insights, and important issues in the world of construction. Our guests are industry leaders, subject matter experts, and innovative visionaries discussing how we are building the ‘world of tomorrow.’ TAUC is made up of more than 1,800 contractor companies that utilize union labor for their projects, as well as local contractor associations and vendors in the industrial maintenance and construction fields. TAUC’s mission is to act as an advocate for union contractors and enhance cooperation between all parties to achieve the successful completion of construction projects.

Discussion points:

  • New songs stuck in head – it’s all Taylor Swift
  • Insights from Joelle Salerno on diversity and workforce development
  • Danielle Harshman shares labor and management perspectives
  • Discussion on NAWIC’s role in supporting women in construction
  • Highlighting the need for gender-specific personal protective equipment
  • An upcoming PPE women’s fashion show!
  • Addressing practical job site challenges for women
  • NAWIC initiatives like Women in Construction Week and Camp NAWIC
  • Encouraging involvement in local NAWIC chapters for support
  • Celebrating women’s strength and resilience in building industries



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