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Union Employer Groups Align

May 19 2008

The two groups have already built a solid foundation focusing over the years on safety and health-related issues. The alliance serves as the next logical step in their deepening commitment to work more closely on activities and issues that impact them both on a regional and national level.

“This is truly a landmark occasion where the union employer community is strategically attempting to become less fragmented and come together behind shared values that will ultimately make both organizations stronger,” NACBE Executive Director John Erickson said.

This also marks the first time that TAUC has entered into such an alliance. The strategic alliance signed at the 2008 TAUC Leadership Conference outlined several key points:

  • Work together on issues impacting the industrial maintenance and construction industry
  • Conduct joint meetings and share information related to construction labor relations and safety
  • Participate in joint development of products and practices that benefit safety, productivity, market expansion, and profitability
  • Collaborate on joint marketing and promotional efforts
  • Increase membership awareness of industry issues through the exchange of information published in print and electronic media
  • Participate in research that emphasizes the development of strategic goals
  • Enter into a tri-partite approach when it benefits both groups

“This strategic alliance will bring both our organizations closer, working towards mutually beneficial goals, so that union contractors ultimately benefit from and improve upon synergies that already exist.” TAUC CEO Steve Lindauer said.

TAUC has billed itself as an umbrella organization, working cooperatively with all union employer organizations. This alliance signals a marshalling of forces intended to assist union contractors in regaining market share that has been lost in the past decades.


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