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Weekly Construction News

July 24 2023
Government, Innovation and Technology, Legislative Affairs

The news never stops in the construction world, and neither do we. We’ve put together some of the most important updates from the last week, and keep our eye on a few future developments in our weekly construction news report.

We saw total construction starts fall 9% in June, but it may not be as bad as it seems. Yearlong comparisons running through June 2023 actually saw a rise of 9% when compare to the same time frame in 2022. Interest rates and an economy still finding its’ footing have led to some uncertainty, but the future remains bright: https://www.metalconstructionnews.com/industry-news/total-construction-starts-dip-in-june

OSHA has proposed a new rule clarifying PPE requirements for construction. This increased clarity aims to ensure PPE fits each worker properly. Estimates see this rule improving the safety of around 10% of the construction workforce, largely women. Another step forward in safety! https://www.constructiondive.com/news/osha-rule-requires-construction-ppe-to-fit-women/688494/

EVs are primed and ready to drive us into the future. One slight problem: they still need people to drive them. With the inventory available and incentives on the way, the next step in the EV revolution might prove to be the toughest – finding people to purchase the cars: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/17/business/ford-f150-lightning-electric-vehicle-prices.html?unlocked_article_code=-gNbkVLv6izgOA5rRLjOcP5KorTRjqgMOlbVtGiYvAoXXDLLzowg-1tiL9Tc4aHkjZBdROVOzN8VIVLWGaOi7kYyQbbEnbAii4fn9cOVpKNvAiXyU_HKMs80pVmJAV5vjq5blxjZLM4SxZaZgJ–XODaF9lOBzEpN6nUYra6l5Z1YcqG5KKw7VJL6ky8w8M7I3OWagE3WtwQJF8MjYaCtgKk-3oDIgF3GzABeKQBq6EE8a-iRA5alDKDWmPsTup6nORluqSifrd9EjJ1XCX6pcV3RFLx1oq5o-hG7CpA3S-hyvFnx3g0gJDyb8nJoCTgrYErwagmAn7LTCOacaUCXutdLZ1NO7TFq8hsoDuc3LXGaQoP2G5N&smid=url-share

WATCH: A panel at an event hosted by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation heard politicians on both sides of the aisle discuss permitting reform, and the shape they see it taking in the near future. If you are interested in accelerating US infrastructure, it is worth your time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eJlTh3G7Ok&ab_channel=TechPolicy

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