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Celebrating Leadership: Building Bridges from the Oval Office to Our Industry

February 19 2024

This Presidents’ Day, as we reflect on the monumental impact of U.S. Presidents who have shaped the nation, let’s extend our celebration to include the triumvirate of leadership that constructs the foundation of our industry: the Union Presidents, the Presidents of construction companies, and the Presidents of companies that hire union contractors. Together, they form a unique ‘union’ of collaboration, driving progress with determination, vision, and a shared sense of candor that would undoubtedly make Teddy Roosevelt chuckle in his rough-rider boots.

Architects of Compassion and Progress

Just as George Washington led his troops through the harsh winter at Valley Forge, the Presidents across our industry navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. They wield not muskets and cannons but negotiation skills and visionary planning. While they may not don colonial attire, their leadership is just as revolutionary, aiming to build a future where every worker is valued and every project succeeds.

Unity in Diversity: A Legacy of Collective Achievement

Abraham Lincoln’s timeless wisdom, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” resonates profoundly within our industry. The Presidents at the helm of unions, construction companies, and client organizations work tirelessly to foster unity and cooperation. Their mission transcends individual goals, focusing instead on elevating the entire industry, ensuring fairness, and championing innovation.

The Modern-Day Monuments of Industry

In a nod to the enduring legacies of Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, our Presidents navigate the challenges of the 21st century with grace and determination. They craft fair deals and champion new strategies that may not alter the course of a nation but significantly impact the lives of those who build and inhabit it. Their version of the Fireside Chat might be a well-crafted email or a town hall meeting, but the effect is the same: a strengthened community, heard and respected.

A Collective Tribute to Visionary Leaders

While there’s no Mount Rushmore to immortalize the faces of our industry’s Presidents, their achievements are carved into the skyline of our cities and the infrastructure that powers our daily lives. They might not have national holidays in their honor, but their legacy is celebrated every day through the projects completed and the standards raised.

In Conclusion: A Unified Salute to Service

As we celebrate Presidents’ Day, let’s also raise our hard hats to the Presidents who, through a blend of leadership, collaboration, and a bit of industry humor, guide the construction world. They may not enact laws, but they build bridges—literal and metaphorical—towards a future of prosperity and respect for all workers.

Here’s to the Presidents, of our unions, our construction firms, and our client companies—may your collaborations be fruitful, your projects successful, and your legacy enduring. Happy Presidents’ Day!

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