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Workplace Safety is Key Issue for Joining Unions

December 14 2006
Safety and Health

A recent poll released by the Employment Law Alliance finds that the leading factor for a worker’s decision to join a union is workplace safety. While factors like better benefits, higher wages and increased job security were all important, 64 percent of respondents cited safety as the top reason for seeking union representation.

Though management and communications related issues were not as significant to the 1,000 people polled, it was still found that improving conflict resolution was very important. Closely following behind was respect from management and having a union representative to speak on the employees behalf.

As the number of corporate scandals increases, 40 percent of responding Americans say that unions have had a positive impact on the working conditions in this country. It is not illogical to conclude that employees may be looking to unions for representation. Stephen Hirschfeld, Employment Law Alliance chief executive officer and a labor attorney remarked that employers “really need to wake up and understand if they don’t take these issues seriously and pro actively, they are vulnerable to union activity.”

With safety being such an important factor in the lives of construction workers and their employers, The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) is dedicated to providing its members with the safety and health resources needed to ensure that each and every jobsite is safe. From our involvement as founding members and administrators of OSHA’s Challenge Program to hosting Safety and Labor forums, TAUC and its members proudly accept the responsibility to keep America’s jobsites safe.

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